New Release of MagicSpam for Plesk and Plesk PRO

Tue, 07 May 2024 13:17:59 -0700 | by mThreat Technologies Inc.

We at mThreat Technologies are excited to launch the latest series of updates for MagicSpam LITE and PRO for Plesk software.

Over the last few months, we’ve been working tirelessly to address your feedback about our “Logs” system. It was clear certain areas of the software weren’t running as optimally as they should be, so we had to remove several beloved Logs functions as we worked out the kinks. Now, with MagicSpam PRO v2.2.1 and LITE v2.1.1, we are pleased to announce that the Logs issues have been addressed.

Beyond Log Search functionality changes, we have implemented several quality of life features.

Getting MagicSpam to play nice with newer Linux kernels

With the introduction of the fs.protect_regular_files feature in recent Linux Kernels, our team has worked diligently to ensure compatibility and overcome potential obstacles. This update resolves issues with the upgrade now functionality, providing users with real-time feedback during the upgrade process.

Increasing security for interaction with the Plesk API

Security is our top priority, and this release reflects our commitment to safeguarding your data. We have implemented stringent measures to enhance security when interacting with the Plesk API. From explicit host restrictions to key expiration upon package removal, rest assured that your system remains protected at all times.

Streamlining the user interface

We have listened to your feedback and made enhancements to MagicSpam’s user interface for a more intuitive experience. From cleaner alignment on the Anti-Spam System Options page to visible close buttons in the Log Search filter, navigating MagicSpam has never been easier.

Full update summary:

  • Workaround for 'fs.protect_regular_files' issue in newer Linux Kernels.
  • Log Search improvements for more accurate results.
  • Enhanced security for Plesk API interaction.
  • New module to test API access and provide integration instructions.
  • Fixes for Log Search functionality and user interface enhancements.
  • Improved handling of corrupt license key files.
  • Refactored Anti-Spam System Options page for better alignment.
  • Fixed notification message delivery issues related to SPF checks.
  • Added option to set sender email address for notifications.
  • Updated Migration tool to include all configuration items.
  • Repaired functions in hourly statistics and log search engine.
  • Removed launcher button from Plesk 'HOME' page.
  • Added 'TEST' deliverability feature for notification emails.
  • New option to configure time display preferences.
  • Updated packaging to install required PERL dependencies for Enhanced Spamassassin Rule Updates (PRO Only)
  • Various fixes and enhancements for User Settings, and Email Authentication Security Report. (PRO Only)
  • Improved messaging in admin email 'test' message to include server timezone.

If you encounter any issues with updating, feel free to reach out to our support team at support [at] !

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