MagicSpam for Interworx Now Available!

Wed, 29 Apr 2020 12:57:11 -0700 | by LinuxMagic Inc.

VANCOUVER, BC: LinuxMagic is proud to announce that that MagicSpam for Interworx has been released. Both the Lite and Professional edition of MagicSpam for Interworx are now available for purchase. The MagicSpam release provides Interworx server operators with the best spam protection on the market in the hosting industry.

The collaboration between MagicSpam and Interworx has Deion Yu, Product Manager at MagicSpam, excited for the future. "We are looking forward to working together with Interworx, providing their customers with the best spam protection on the market".

MagicSpam is a comprehensive anti-spam plugin, built upon the philosophy of "Simple to Install, Simple to Use". There's no need to change DNS or MX records to start benefiting from MagicSpam spam protection. Developed to suit the needs of the hosting industry, MagicSpam's low resource profile efficiently protects an unlimited amount of domains and accounts on a server for a competitive low price. An intuitive GUI integrated directly into the Interworx Control Panel, allows users to easily configure MagicSpam to meet their needs. With direct sales in over 83 countries and 200 official resellers, MagicSpam remains to be leader in the hosting industry when it comes to spam protection.

According to Daniel Orlando, Channel Manager at MagicSpam, "The MagicSpam team is very excited about the release, Interworx opens the doors to new opportunities in the industry. We are proud to provide a spam protection tool that runs natively within the Interworx Control Panel".

Interworx is an innovative web panel option on the market in the hosting industry. Pressures created by recent price changes of popular hosting panels have opened the door to more competition, and Interworx's attractive pricing model has given them an opportunity to grow, and are seeing more adoption at hosting companies. Interworx offers essential features tailored to meet the needs of hosting providers, resellers and website owners like email, domains and websites management. All backed by a dedicated support team offering a full-service solution for a competitive low price with a simple pricing model.

Chris Lema, VP of Product Development at LiquidWeb, the parent company of Interworx, had the following to say about Interworx. "In every industry you'll find that customers want options. Rarely is there only one solution to a problem. And in the hosting space, we see that too. There are all kinds of hosting customers with all kinds of needs, and a single solution may not always be the right answer. That's why Interworx is so critical. It gives customers a powerful option that doesn't cost as much as others and still delivers massive value."

About Interworx:

Interworx, part of the Liquid Web Family of Brands, has over 20 years of success providing fully-featured web panel software solutions for hosting companies, web development agencies, resellers, and end-users. With industry-leading features such as multi-server clustering and powerful Web, CLI, and API based interfaces, InterWorx maintains one of the most competitive web panel software solutions in the web hosting industry.

For more information about Interworx visit: or follow them @InterWorx on twitter.

About MagicSpam:

MagicSpam, developed by the mThreat Division of the Wizard Group of Companies, is a spam protection and threat detection software solution for Zimbra, MailEnable, cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, and Interworx. With over 10 years of experience, MagicSpam is specially developed to meet the needs of the Hosting Industry.

For more information about MagicSpam visit: or follow us @MagicSpam on twitter.

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