New releases of MagicSpam PLUS and LITE for MailEnable and Zimbra

Wed, 24 Mar 2021 10:49:25 -0700 | by LinuxMagic Inc.

MAR 24th, 2021 VANCOUVER, BC: LinuxMagic is proud to announce that the latest releases of MagicSpam PLUS and LITE for MailEnable and Zimbra are now available. These releases follow a week long BETA period where MagicSpam customers had early access to try out the latest spam protection and email security features before the official release. These releases include improvements that help with the prevention of compromised accounts and domain spoofing.

The latest release of MagicSpam PLUS is another step in the product evolution to be more than just spam protection and become an email security solution. Email server operators are painfully aware that stopping inbound spam is no longer enough and it's just as important to stop outbound spam to protect their server IP Reputation. The main source of outbound spam has always been compromised email accounts, an ever worsening problem with the increase in brute-force authentication attacks worldwide.

The new RATS-AUTH Authentication Restriction Security Policy feature is one more tool in an email sever operator's arsenal to secure SMTP Authentication and prevent email accounts from being compromised by authentication attacks. MagicSpam has teamed up with SpamRATS to bring RATS-AUTH to all MagicSpam PLUS customers. RATS-AUTH is a list of IP addresses that have been detected as being the source of a trojan/bot attack, specifically used to guess passwords or similar techniques that attempt to just authenticate without really sending email.

Check out the other new features included in the release:

The release of MagicSpam PLUS is supported on a wide variety of web panels commonly used in the Hosting industry.

For more technical information including instructions on how to upgrade to the versions, please visit the MagicSpam Forums by clicking the links above.

About MagicSpam:

MagicSpam is a product of "LinuxMagic" which has a 19 year history creating innovative solutions for the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the Hosting Service Provider (HSP) markets, as well as products for the the telecommunications market. The company also specializes in developing email solutions for Linux from high volume mail servers and Anti-Spam technologies to security and mission critical needs. For more information about MagicSpam, visit or by following @MagicSpam on Twitter. Learn more about LinuxMagic by visiting or by following @LinuxMagic on Twitter.

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