New MagicSpam® releases for MailEnable, Plesk (#Obsidian), cPanel/WHM and Zimbra

Tue, 18 Jun 2019 17:53:09 -0700 | by LinuxMagic Inc.

New Releases of MagicSpam for the following platforms:

MagicSpam MailEnable Plus 2.1-6.1

MagicSpam MailEnable 2.0.5-1

MagicSpam Plesk Professional 2.1-11.1

MagicSpam cPanel Professional 2.1-10.1

MagicSpam cPanel 2.0.5-1

MagicSpam Zimbra Plus 2.1-6.1

MagicSpam Zimbra 2.0.5-1

VANCOUVER, BC: LinuxMagic is proud to announce it has now released new versions of MagicSpam, MagicSpam Plus and MagicSpam PRO for varioius platforms. The releases increase the power and flexibility of the product by allowing Hosting Providers the ability to not only enforce top level policies at the server level, but also allows them to gain global control over end user settings and defaults to allow for a much smoother process of administration.

MagicSpam, MagicSpam Plus and MagicSpam PRO are available for subscription purchase at:

or via its worldwide Reseller community.

About MagicSpam:

MagicSpam is a product of "LinuxMagic" which has a 19 year history creating innovative solutions for the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the Hosting Service Provider (HSP) markets, as well as products for the the telecommunications market. The company also specializes in developing email solutions for Linux from high volume mail servers and Anti-Spam technologies to security and mission critical needs. For more information about MagicSpam, visit or by following @MagicSpam on Twitter. Learn more about LinuxMagic by visiting or by following @LinuxMagic on Twitter.

For media inquiries please contact the Head Office of LinuxMagic at (604) 682-0300 or via email to

LinuxMagic® is the Registered Trademark of Wizard Tower TechnoServices Ltd. MagicMail® and MagicSpam® are Registered Trademarks of LinuxMagic and Wizard Tower TechnoServices Ltd.

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