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Our Anti-Spam Technology protects millions of inboxes around the world.
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  • Zero Day Protection
  • Mail Server Profiling
  • Works in the SMTP Layer
  • Blocks Trojans and Bots
  • No need to change DNS/MX
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  • Automatic Updates
  • Custom Preferences
  • Complete Graphical Interface
  • Easy to Install
  • Live Statistics / Searchable Logs
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  • Unlimited Users/Domains
  • Lower Your Bandwidth
  • Less System Overhead
  • Reduces Backscatter
  • Complete Statistics/Logging

The Most Cost Effective Spam Protection Available

Designed for easy integration and effortless maintenance, MagicSpam used the proven anti-spam technology already protecting millions of users worldwide and is based on LinuxMagic's own MagicMail technology. It is especially desinged to reduce the overhead,bandwidth, and backscatter resulting from spam attacks by blocking spam before it is processed and reaches your mailbox.

MagicSpam identifies spam during the SMTP handshake phase by tying into the native SMTP daemon (PRE-DATA). It blocks spam instead of using the overhead of filtering, and also offers you more "Zero Day" prevention against new attackers.

With a full management GUI, statistics, graphs, logging, custom controls, RBL's, blacklists, exemptions and many other tools, MagicSpam is "Easy to Use" and simple to understand.

MagicSpam offers spam protection for unlimited email addresses and domains!

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What's New

New Release of MagicSpam for cPanel and WHM/cPanel PRO

May 8th, 2024 | by mThreat Technologies Inc.

New Release of MagicSpam for Plesk and Plesk PRO

May 7th, 2024 | by mThreat Technologies Inc.

mThreat Technologies is pleased to announce...

Jul 25th, 2023 | by mThreat Technologies Inc.


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Anti-Spam Protection Done Right

MagicSpam requires no special changes to your operating environment, no changes to DNS, Firewalls, or MX records. We are proud to work closely with our partners to ensure that MagicSpam integrates as seamlessly as possible. Our PLUS and PRO product lines support both 'rejection' and 'tagging' methods so you can block the obvious spam and 'filter' the suspect spam, even have it delivered to a designated spam folder of your customers inbox. Our integrated logging makes it easy to identify messages passed through the system so you easily use your personal blacklist/whitelist for those fringe cases. With customers in over 84 countries, see why our product is has such rave reviews. Visit our cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Zimbra or MailEnable pages to get started right away.