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OCT 6th, 2019 VANCOUVER, BC: MagicSpam® is proud to announce the latest addition to it’s reseller network, with the signing of Linware Corp as a Gold Reseller of it’s MagicSpam Spam Protection product line.

Linware, based in Argentina, is one of the largest solutions providers focusing on email solutions and it’s Zimbra customer base, and MagicSpam is excited about expanding it’s market share in the Latin American market and working with Linware to bring MagicSpam’s specialized spam protection for Zimbra to all it’s Telco, Government, and Enterprise customers.

MagicSpam is the “Simple to Buy, Simple to Install, Simple to Use” spam protection released as a standalone installable spam protection package for some of the world's most trusted email platforms and working with a partner that specializes in on premise open source products like Zimbra is a perfect partnership, serving not only Linware’s customers but the whole of Latin America as both a sales partner, but a new MagicSpam support channel specially catering to the Latin America market.

And Linware’s President/CEO German Yovan is excited as well. “Our customers have been asking for a Spam Protection product that easily integrates with Zimbra that is simple to manage, robust and economical. Getting all these features seemed impossible until we found MagicSpam..”

Linware has over 10 years experience in providing and supporting email platforms in Latin America, and is responsible for the care of millions of email accounts through their specialization in Zimbra OpenSource on premise for their customers.

And as MagicSpam, already deployed in 83 countries continues to focus on Latin American customers, this partnership speaks to the importance of this market.

MagicSpam’s Channel Manager Daniel Orlando had this to say about the signing “Our Latin American market has always been a strong supporter of MagicSpam, and Linware adds to our capabilities to service this market. We are also excited that Linware will being even more support capabilities to our Spanish speaking customer base”.

The Zimbra email platform is one of world’s leading on premises email solutions, and MagicSpam for Zimbra make this product even better.

President/CEO Michael Peddemors firmly believes that all email platforms deserve the best in spam and security protection. “While the move to the cloud may ‘seem’ popular, on-premise email platforms are a very important part of the ecosystem, both for ISP’s and Enterprise and aren’t they aren’t going away. On Premise offers these companies data sovereignty and privacy protection. And with the huge growth in Latin America, partners like Linware help to show the strengthof this market.”

MagicSpam is designed and licenses on a per server basis, for unlimited users and unlimited domains, for a single low 'pennies per month' pricing model.

With simple server wide policy and spam management, MagicSpam reduces overhead, bandwidth, support and problems for the email administrator. And for platforms where the MagicSpam PRO versions are available, it even allows individual end users to manage their own spam settings, and offers other email security features both inbound and outbound. And with the ever increasing threats of ransomware, phishing, and business email compromises (BEC) stopping spam and other threats has never had more importance around the world.

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MagicSpam Software (a division of Wizard Tower TechnoServices Ltd.) is from an internationally renowned Canadian company specializing in developing email and spam protections solutions for the ISP, Telecommunications and Enterprise markets. From their award winning MagicMail Email Server platforms, to their MagicSpam Anti-Spam technologies, the company helps and protects millions of users worldwide.

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Wizard Tower TechnoServices Ltd. ("Wizard IT Services") a federally incorporated company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, is known for it's early adoption of new innovative ideas. With years of background in Internet Technologies and Software Development, they have been developing innovative solutions since 1997. It's corporate relationships with Canadian and International firms, have continued to grow, and the exports of it's software products, services and offerings has reached international scope.

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Linware Corp. ("Linware Soluciones IT Corporativos") based in Argentina, has more that 10 years experience in support of OpenSource solutions with their main focus on email and developing and supporting complex requirements. Linware currently supports and services companies in Argentina and Latin America and services more than 2 million email accounts in various verticals such as Telco’s, ISP’s, Enterprise, Government and Public Services.

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