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MagicSpam is committed to giving the best of support to all purchasers of our products. We prefer that you use our community forums for most support issues, enhancement requests, and discussions first as that way we don't have to answer the same questions too many times, and other users of MagicSpam can help you with Tips, Tricks and ideas as well.

However, should you find a problem with installations, compatability, purchasing our product, or other issue not already answered on the forums, we do like to make the extra effort, and solve your problems and pains.

If after (and only after please) you have checked the forums, you can fill in the following form, and make sure you send it to the right department. You should also provide your MagicSpam License Key, and where you purchased your product, either here on the site, or through one of our resellers.

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Please remember, if your email server does address verification, we probably won't click on it. Use another email address. We only respond to questions where you put in your full and valid email, AND your phone number, and country. And remember, we answer these support requests Mon-Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm PST. For faster support, try the forums. Rude or obnoxious messages WILL be ignored.

Not a customer?

I want to stop spam on my computer!

This is your email provider or ISP's responsibility, and the proper way to stop spam is there. This is NOT a program for your personal PC. If you have a real spam problem, you should change to an email provider that stops it for you, or you can tell your email administrator about MagicSpam.

MagicSpam is stopping my email

Probably not. It might stop your email providers server, if it is leaking spam, or not configured properly, but we dont' stop end users. If you get a message that it is stopped, first.. check to make sure your email client is set up correctly. You should be using SMTP Authentication, (and preferably on Port 587 not Port 25). This is the most common reason. If it isn't that, call your ISP. They may not know that there is a problem with their email server.

It says that my IP is on your block list.

First, read the section above. And "if" you have your own email server then please contact the block list operator listed in the rejection notice. We cannot do anything about this.


We would like to thank all of the partner companies that we work with, from Resellers to Industry and Technology partners. For more information on our partner programs, or for Business Development questions, please visit our dedicated partners pages.


Our resellers are very important to us. Resellers are given more control over their licenses and of course are treated to a little preferential support treatment, depending on their reseller status. If you intend to purchase or resell more than three (3) licenses, you also get preferential pricing, as well as dedicated email support. Please visit our Resellers site for more information.