"I added the MagicSpam module 24 hours ago on our plesk server and the results are phenomenal. I'll be a lifetime subscriber."
"My OS (SUSE 10.2) wasn't supported. I asked. 2 days later I got working version for my OS. Great job. Performance of MagicSpam is impressive. I have it installed along with Spamassassin and they both work well. Thank you."
"MagicSpam is by far the easiest and most powerful spam filter on the market. Installation is a piece of cake. If every ISP and web hosting company were to install MagicSpam, it just might put spammers out of business!"
"MagicSpam is such a relief, it simply blocks out most of the rubbsish that get thrown at the server, and I mean most!!! 1765 email today, only 20 let through none of which were spam!! Excellent support and well priced! Keep it up."