MagicSpam® PLUS for MailEnable is Now Released

Mon, 02 Jan 2017 16:17:53 -0800 | by LinuxMagic Inc.

MagicSpam® PLUS for MailEnable is Now Released

VANCOUVER, BC: LinuxMagic is proud to announce it has added MagicSpam PLUS for MailEnable to its growing list of spam protection products for email servers. This release provides the extra power of PLUS to the existing MagicSpam product for MailEnable to better serve the professional email server administrator, Enterprise clients and Resellers.

In addition to the existing MagicSpam patented spam protection technologies, tools, logs, statistics and administration consoles, the new MagicSpam PLUS for MailEnable provides enhanced rate limiters, and a more flexible ability to choose between rejecting and/or tagging of messages, allowing for greater control and accessibility directly to the end-user.

"MailEnable is a highly successful email product for Windows users, and we are pleased that we can continue to help improve the experience of MailEnable administrators and users. By Adding MagicSpam protection, not only do we stop spam before it gets to their inboxes, but we also help prevent compromised accounts from being abused, and help the servers stand up to large scale spam attacks with ease" said Michael Peddemors, President and CEO of LinuxMagic.

MagicSpam leverages patented BMS technology and enforces SMTP best practices right in the native SMTP layer to reject Spam before the server even has to process the message, without the need to change how the MailEnable servers are configured and working. Designed and licensed on a per server basis for unlimited users and unlimited domains, MagicSpam has a much more attractive pricing model than it's competitors. "Simple to Install, Simple to Use" is part of its very design, and doesn't require any DNS changes, firewall or other complicated changes. And with a full intuitive, user friendly GUI, all statistics, logging and performance is available at the administrators' fingertips.

"With all the changes in hacking and spamming techniques, and the advent of the threats in the Internet of Things, it means that spam protection must be more sophisticated as well, and not every email administrator has the time, budget or resources to be spam experts. I am excited to help all MailEnable administrators to be able to use the same techniques our largest email providers use."

MagicSpam PLUS for MailEnable is designed to run on all versions of MailEnable and is available for purchase at or via its worldwide Reseller community.

About MailEnable:

MailEnable is a powerful and scalable solution for hosted email and collaboration on Windows. For more details visit:

About MagicSpam:

MagicSpam is a product of "LinuxMagic" which has a 19 year history creating innovative solutions for the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the Hosting Service Provider (HSP) markets, as well as products for the the telecommunications market. The company also specializes in developing email solutions for Linux from high volume mail servers and Anti-Spam technologies to security and mission critical needs. For more information about MagicSpam, visit or by following @MagicSpam on Twitter. Learn more about LinuxMagic by visiting or by following @LinuxMagic on Twitter.

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