Proven Superior Technology
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Anti-Spam Protection Made Easy

MagicSpam is a powerful Anti-Spam software that installs directly on the mail server or control panel, and makes spam protection 'Simple to Install, Simple to Use'. Designed to protect unlimited users and domains for only pennies per day, MagicSpam is based on the same anti-spam technology used by ISP's and Telco's. Spam Protection should not only work well, but be flexible, simple to manage, and reduce support calls from your customers.

The MagicSpam Difference

Proven Superior Technology

Our anti-spam technology protects millions of inboxes all over the world.

Easy to Install, Even Easier to Use

Block spam at the connection level and gives you complete control of your policies.

Lowers Bandwidth and Overhead

Over 95% of all attempts to connect to your server are from spam. Why process it all?

Better ZERO Day Protection

MagicSpam's Mail Server Profiling stops not only 'todays' spam but tommorow's as well.

Keep Customers longer, less Support Calls

MagicSpam is already protecting millions of mailboxes worldwide, and works with most mail servers used by the hosting industry. HSP's can't afford unhappy customers, or high support calls due to spam problems. And email is still one of the best ways to retain customers, but you have to deliver 'Best of Breed' email, which includes spam protection that simply just works. Other solutions often require changing MX records, firewalls, or attempts to 'filter' all email, resulting in more overhead, more support, and more of your engineering time. MagicSpam is much simpler to deploy.

Stopping junk mail directly in the SMTP layer offers better Zero Day Protection against trojans, bots, and other malware keeping both you and your customers more secure. Using a method we call Mail Server Profiling, MagicSpam can identify up to 97% of inbound attacks carried out by automated spam engines, by looking at key indicators which can tell if a message is coming from a real email server or attacking spam bot. And with access to MagicSpams' daily automated data feeds, even new attack methods detected at other systems around the world, means better Zero Day.

There is no reason to reconfigure your servers in order to use MagicSpam, simply purchase and upload the package designed for your server, enter you license key, and you are immediately protected. Once installed, not only does MagicSpam vastly improve your customers experience, but it also reduces bandwidth, backscatter, and system overhead over other filtering technology. But most importantly, it reduces your work, helps keep your server secure, and reduces support and engineering costs.

"This is the ultimate spam protection package that's easy to install and easy to use."

Built especially for the hosting industry, whether you have one server or 1000 servers to maintain, MagicSpam makes it simple for you to control junk email. With complete dashboards, logging, statistics, granular and flexible controls, a complete GUI (Graphical User Interface), both monthly and annual subscriptions, MagicSpam is available for most MTA's and mail servers used in the hosting industry, including cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, MailEnable and more. If you wish to learn more, please visit our features page or visit our online store, or talk to one of our many MagicSpam resellers.

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Spam Protection Recommendations

Works Well. Great Support.

Performance of MagicSpam is impressive. I have it installed along with Spamassassin and they both work well. MagicSpam stops 95% of the spam on SMTP level, Spamassassin filters the message contents. Since I installed MagicSpam, 95% of the junk doesn't even make it to SpamAssassin.

Thank you.

tomcrom, via MagicSpam Forums

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