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General Information

There are some things all email servers should have in common, and these links can help to ensure that your email server does not need to process unwanted email, as well as ensuring that YOUR email gets delivered. Most email servers out of the box are not fully configured, or do not have all the configurations and tools setup to correctly deliver and protect the server as well as it could be. By following a few simple processes you can make sure that your email server follows best practices, and stops the bulk of email attacks.

We also have included specific instructions to help operators using the most commonly available products. However, if you have questions about your email server, you can always contact the knowledgeable experts at Wizard IT Services for advice on how to make it work better, or even recommendations for products that may better suit your needs. They do email consulting for most email server brands. If you do not see your email server brand listed here, feel free to contact us and we can add instructions for your favourite email server.

Easy to use resources for any email server

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