anti-spam for Plesk

Spam Protection for Plesk

MagicSpam's partnership with Plesk provides all pre-existing Plesk users with SMTP-level spam protection at no extra cost. Reseller and partnership options available for Plesk service providers.

Why MagicSpam?

Get MagicSpam for Plesk

Freemium Edition


Included in Plesk 12+


MagicSpam Plugin for DirectAdmin

SMTP Spam Blocker

Anti-Spam Best Practices

Unlimited Protection

Basic Edition


Per Month


MagicSpam Plugin for DirectAdmin

ALL Fremium features!

Inbound Rate Limiter

3rd-party RBL Support

PRO Edition


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MagicSpam Plugin for DirectAdmin

All Basic Features!

Per-User Self-Managed Protection

Premium RBL and BMS Access

MagicSpam Protection for Plesk

Plesk 12.x and higher now comes bundles with MagicSpam's Freemium extension.

Plesk users will now have access to industry-leading spam protection technologies. Our Freemium extension of MagicSpam is already available in the Plesk Extensions Catalogue out-of-the-box. MagicSpam integrates directly with the Plesk software to block spam at the edge before the spam filters have to process all the junk mail.

No need to change DNS or MX records, you receive edge-level protection that features complete logging, statistics and custom controls. Now Plesk resellers can easily upsell their customers to the full features of a paid subscription.

For more powerful spam protection features such as:

  • Daily Updates
  • Advanced Rate Limiter
  • Customizable Spam Rejection Notices
  • And more..

You can resell MagicSpam Basic for a low monthly cost and allow your customers to purchase Spam Protection directly from you.

We also provide a version of MagicSpam developed specifically for the hosting provider or reseller. MagicSpam Pro enables Plesk resellers a simple way to upsell MagicSpam's anti-spam technology to their existing customers who are looking to manage their spam protection on a per-user basis and generate revenue.

For more product information please email our Sales Team.

System Requirements

MagicSpam's technology reduces hardware resource usage and bandwidth resulting in minimal hardware requirements.

  • Plesk 12.x or higher
  • 32 or 64-bit processor
  • Compatible with all flavours of Linux

View our Features Chart for a full comparison.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A list of the most commonly asked questions about MagicSpam for Plesk

What is the association between Plesk and MagicSpam?

MagicSpam is the exclusive provider of Spam Protection for Plesk to make it easy for any service provider to offer MagicSpam to their customers. The partnership allows any Plesk service provider to become both an official MagicSpam Hosting Provider Partner and reseller.

As a result of this, pre-existing Plesk users will get all of the operational benefits of MagicSpam. Plesk and MagicSpam have partnered to provide you with embedded Spam Protection as a Plesk Extension.

What versions of Plesk does MagicSpam work with?

MagicSpam works with Plesk 12.x or higher. For more information about backwards compatibility, please email our Sales Team.

How can I install MagicSpam on my Plesk 12 Server?

You can download MagicSpam from the Plesk Extensions Catalogue.

What versions are available for Plesk Users?

MagicSpam offers three different versions for Plesk:

  • MagicSpam Freemium
  • MagicSpam Basic
  • MagicSpam Pro

What is the difference between the Freemium and Basic versions of MagicSpam?

MagicSpam Freemium provides SMTP-level anti-spam protection that is easy to use, no need to change DNS or MX records. Edge level protection that protects unlimited users, unlimited domains and allows users complete logging, statistics and custom controls.

MagicSpam Basic offers:

  • Advanced inbound rate limiter configurations
  • Ability to add 3rd-party RBLs
  • Patented BMS high-efficiency reputation lists
  • Customizable spam rejection notices

Can I resell MagicSpam as an Plesk Service Provider?

Yes. You can resell MagicSpam Basic to your customers and start generating profit. For more information about becoming an Official MagicSpam Partner please e-mail our Sales Team.