anti-spam for Postfix

Spam Protection Plugin for Postfix

Our spam protection module is available as a native anti-spam plugin for Postfix to enable users to have the same powers and protection used by ISP's and Telco's all around the world. Target spam and remove it before it gets in your inbox!

Why MagicSpam?

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Spam Protection Done Right

This technology is much better than Spam filtering alone. Not only do you get the protection of MagicSpam, but since this occurs in the SMTP daemon (PRE-DATA) you also reduce backscatter problems that occur when your filters try to bounce messages to forged email addresses. By blocking instead of filtering you also reduce the overhead needed by your email anti-spam protection filters during large spam attacks. As well you receive updates several times a day, to provide a more Zero Day prevention against new attackers, whether they be Spam or Dictionary Attacks.

Advanced Spam Protection

MagicSpam Protection

Block instead of filter to reduce the overhead and resources needed by your hosting servers during large spam attacks. Receive updates several times a day, to provide more Zero Day Protection against new attackers. MagicSpam is very simple to use, no messy command line settings, with complete spam statistics. See for yourself why the product is getting such rave reviews. You need spam protection that works.

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Per Month


MagicSpam Plugin for Postfix
  • Unlimited Email Address Protection
  • Easy to Setup and Simple to Use
  • Reduces Bandwidth Usage
  • Reduces Backscatter
  • Reduces Overhead
  • Mail Server Profiling
  • Email Best Practices Verification
  • Inbound Rate Limiter
  • IP Reputation from local cache
  • MipSpace and SpamRats subscription included

Product Features

MagicSpam targets spam and removes it before it gets in your inbox by integrating directly into the SMTP layer. No need to change settings, DNS, or other remove spamcomplicated setups. Full statistics, logging, custom whitelist/blacklists, rate limiters, and other features are available.

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