Supported Platforms

MagicSpam spam protection technology can operate on almost any type of mail server. The platforms listed below in bold are already available for purchase on the webstore completely packaged for easy install. Each package comes with a simple to use graphical interface for easy management. You can visit our features page for general information, and a sample video but you might like to also look at the links to your specific MTA or email server below for detailed information specific to your installation, and it's current status, notes and developers road maps. And remember to visit our forums to see the wonderful things people are saying about our anti-spam products, or talk to real users who have happily made the choice to use MagicSpam. It's YOUR Inbox, protect it!

A link to specific information on various mail servers can be seen below, however not all are packaged for sale on our store yet. If you do not see your version already pre-packaged, requests for different email server versions can be requested by posting to our MagicSpam Forum or contacting our sales team at