Spam Protection For Zimbra

MagicSpam for Zimbra is a spam protection module that becomes part of your email server. The spam protection occurs in the MTA layer, during the SMTP communication phase and blocks the spam in SMTP, before the content filtering level. This reduces the overhead, bandwidth and 'backscatter' of your Zimbra Mail Server, but does it in a way that is easy to use, and easy to install. And you have a complete graphical interface, to review logs, statistics, and customize your anti-spam settings. Please visit our features page for more information about MagicSpam.

This technology is much better than Spam filtering alone. Not only do you get the protection of MagicSpam, but since this occurs in the SMTP daemon (PRE-DATA) you also reduce backscatter problems that occur when your filters try to bounce messages to forged email addresses. By blocking instead of filtering you also reduce the overhead needed by your email filters during large spam attacks. And by blocking the 'trojans' and 'bots' you get a more 'Zero Day' prevention against new attackers, whether they be Spam or Dictionary Attacks, no matter what new form the spam may take.

MagicSpam for Zimbra

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