Spam Protection For cPanel

MagicSpam for cPanel

We are proud to be able to offer MagicSpam for cPanel, and MagicSpam PRO for WHM/cPanel, the most simple to use, simple to deploy spam protection product, available as a native module to enable cPanel users to have the same power and protection as used by ISP's and Telco's throughout the world.

MagicSpam targets spam and removes it before it gets in your inbox, by integrating directly into the the SMTP layer. No need to change settings, DNS, or other complicated setups. Upload and run the installer, and you are done. Full statistics, logging, custom whitelist/blacklists, rate limiters and other features are available, and with the PRO version you can even let your cPanel customers manage their own spam settings for their accounts and domains.

And even better, it protects Unlimited Users, Unlimited Domains all for one low monthly price.

This technology is much better than Spam filtering alone. Not only do you get the protection of MagicSpam, but since this occurs in the SMTP daemon (PRE-DATA) you also reduce backscatter problems that occur when your filters try to bounce messages to forged email addresses. By blocking instead of filtering you also reduce the overhead needed by your email filters during large spam attacks. As well you receive updates several times a day, to provide a more Zero Day prevention against new attackers, whether they be Spam or Dictionary Attacks.

Also, for hosting service providers (HSP's) please inquire about our reseller programs.

Other Products for WHM/cPanel

Hosting companies and users of WHM/cPanel might also like to know about other products by LinuxMagic that are popular in the HSP market, feel free to look at the following offerings from LinuxMagic.

Tuxedo Webmail

Looking for a better native webmail for your WHM/cPanel servers? Tuxedo Webmail has been specially prepared, and specially packaged for WHM/cPanel, a full Ajax compliant attractive webmail system that you can quickly install for all your users. With a high performance back-end this is the same webmail in use by millions of users at ISP's and Telco's across North America. Simply visit for more information, and a complete demo.

WHM/cPanel Connector to MagicMail

Want a full featured carrier grade mail solution? Want to consolidate all the mail processing in a single location? Whether you are an existing MagicMail owner, or a hosting company who is looking to consolidate the email from hundreds of WHM/cPanel servers, this might be the solution for you. The WHM/cPanel Connector enables your users to still use the cPanel controls that they are familiar with to manage the email boxes, but email with be handled via your centralized MagicMail cluster. Trust the Email experts at LinuxMagic, they will have the right sized solutions for you. Please contact for more information.

MagicSpam for cPanel

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